I had never heard of the word peri-menopause until I hit 40! It was a very close friend of mine who advised me a week after my 40th that I had now hit this new stage of my life – I wasn’t prepared and I had no idea what this meant.

I began to notice changes in my body that I didn’t quite know or understand: muscle aches and pains, memory loss, weight gain and hot flushes – all very typical signs of peri-menopause.

Nearly 10 years later and now this is a subject that is slowly being more openly talked about. I am really proud to be part of a movement of women who are supporting, embracing and educating women.

I completed my Menopause Yoga training with Petra Coveney in September 2020.  This was the first course of its time.  It was much more than just training – it has become a brilliant support group.  We have all stayed in contact and work together sharing our own experiences and supporting each other, it is amazing and feels like a big hug.  I now work alongside Petra on these trainings sharing my other passion, Restorative Yoga which plays a very important role at this time in our lives.

I want to share my own experiences and knowledge that I have learnt not only from the course but all the wonderful contacts the course put me in contact with.  I’m very passionate about educating myself and other women in what can sometimes be a lonely, desperate time.

I am also part of local menopause support group sharing up-to-date and evidence-backed advice. 

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