I teach real yoga to real people. It’s not about fancy poses, it is about feeling it from within, slowing your body and breath down to encourage a more peaceful mind and restful body.

For over a decade I have taught classes in London, teaching everyone from children to adults specialising in restorative, pregnancy and post-natal, creating a relaxed and warm environment with an informal, community feel.

I completed my initial teaching training on an ashram in India and have built on this by studying with internationally renowned teachers including Judith Lasater Hanson, Anna Ashby, Nadia Narain, Francoise Freedman, Susannah Hoffman, Tiffany Cruikshank, Liz Koch, Michel Odent and Liliana Hammers.

I am an external assessor for the triyoga teacher programme with Anna Ashby and Tony Watson, I teach alongside Nadia Narain on the triyoga Post-Natal training and I am a qualified massage therapist and doula.