I have been practising yoga on and off for more than 8 years and it has taken me this long to find a teacher as gentle and on point as Ali. She is a real gem and full of so much integrity. I find her classes to be soothing, calm and meditative. Everything from the gentle guidance provided to the thought provoking words shared during the final savasana are incredibly unique. The restorative classes are the best i¹ve ever experienced in London and I would highly recommend Ali to any of my friends and family.

Alice @ triyoga/Private

Ali’s restorative yoga workshops are becoming famous in NW5 – a growing number of friends now also come and we are all addicted. Two hours of gentle yoga, meditation and quietness under her tutelage is the most therapeutic and relaxing two hours you could possibly spend and we all leave feeling significantly more centred and re-charged. I am now pregnant and have recently started seeing her in one to one sessions. It is the best money I spend every week without a shadow of a doubt. Every session is the most wonderful hour of quiet meditation, relaxation and restorative yoga and her approach feels very holistic. She makes the class absolutely bespoke to how I’m feeling mentally and physically and without fail, I leave feeling calmer, more relaxed and generally more well within my self.

Amy @ Down to Earth/Private

As a raw beginner and a retired businessman, who had spent more time at a desk than in the gym, I was quite apprehensive about starting yoga. I needn’t have worried as Ali’s patience, friendliness and complete professionalism soon set me at ease. I now look forward to each session and they always seem to be over too soon! I feel fitter, more supple and much more relaxed.

Reg – Private

Ali is a fabulous Restorative Yoga teacher. I only wish I could get to her classes more often as they give me that silence I need in my life! She’s excellent at organising the space so us students can fall swiftly into each posture, feeling supported by the props in the right places. She’s attentive in addressing her students needs, providing modifications where appropriate and has a knack at doing this peacefully without you hardly knowing you’re being adjusted. Her thought for the day or short reading is a nice touch at redirecting one back to being present and in touch with your own needs. Her classes are a valuable part to my well-being.

Gabby @ triyoga

Alison Masterman’s Hatha Yoga class on a Monday morning at Down to Earth in Tufnell Park was the first yoga class that I ever tried, and I have not looked back since. I have been attending this class for almost two years now and it is without doubt the sweetest way to start the week. The class is both restorative and energising and it has helped me immensely with my physical fitness and my mental wellbeing. As a yoga teacher, Alison is immediately warm and welcoming and her naturally radiant personality illuminates her classes. She is always attentive and ready to help those who need assistance with yoga poses and physical problems. Alison brings a colourful, nourishing energy to her classes that communicates love and reassurance to those practising with her. Her gorgeous sense of humour and irresistible smile infuse her classes with a playful energy that adds to the intimacy of the experience. Having attended her classes for almost two years now, I have seen Alison develop as a yoga teacher, fine-tuning her style and moving towards an effortless flow that I personally find deeply satisfying. Alison’s yoga classes come highly recommended.

Tim @ Down to Earth

I can’t think of a better way to start the week than Ali’s Monday morning classes. She has such a wonderful way and mixes her down-to-earth style with touches of humour and so much individual care & attention, even in the busier classes. Gentle yet strong, a perfect balance which helps me feel the same way. As for her restorative workshops, absolute medicine for the body and soul. Always leave me feeling like I’ve had a week away and a giant hug.

Debbie @ Down to Earth

I’ve been Alison Masterman’s student for almost 3 years. I love how she teaches restorative yoga. I’m a very busy hairstylist and always look forward to being wonderfully restored by Alison. I leave her class feeling positive and touched that she’s helped me add increase to my life. Her kindness, passion, confidence, caring and down to earth motherly way of teaching makes her stand out from the rest. I’m training to be a yoga student too and each class I attend I always learn something new about parts of the body and our minds. She has a way and energy with people that’s inspiring.

Stevie @ triyoga

I’ve been attending Alison’s classes, regularly, for the last 3 years and I absolutely love it! She shows through her teaching her amazing knowledge, caring and love, giving us plenty of encouragement to improve our own practice and daily life.

Kiki @ triyoga

After trying lots of different yoga classes and styles over the years I’m so glad I’ve found Ali’s. In mid-life, with two kids, plenty of challenges and a body that won’t play ball in ways I used to take for granted, Ali’s nurturing style is just what I need. Her classes build slowly and calmly to a strong centre where there is plenty of work to be done but you feel ready for it. And Ali’s warm, down to earth approach means you feel safe and unselfconscious – this is supportive, not competitive yoga. As for her restorative workshops… They are about the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had, and should be on the NHS!

Alison @ Down to Earth

I am not a great fan of yoga, but Alison’s restorative yoga workshops are something completely different. The slow pace, calm environment she sets gives you a real chance to unwind, relax and leave behind any stress. The smaller intimate workshops I have been to give Alison a chance to be more personal with her clients and adjust any exercises to individual needs. I thoroughly enjoy the workshops and always come out of them reenergized.

Lorna @ Down to Earth

Ali has been my yoga teacher for the last eight years, and has been a reassuring and calming presence throughout key life events. I started attending her pregnancy yoga class at triyoga with my first child, which quickly became my favourite hour of the week, then I “graduated” to her fun Mummy and Me yoga classes. I returned to pregnancy yoga with her again when I was expecting my second child and then rediscovered her at Down To Earth Yoga where her Restorative Yoga classes and workshops provided welcome sanctuary and “me time” from a busy life as a working Mum. Since then I have become part of a small group who attend her heavenly, semi-private restorative sessions in her lovely home where I always have the sense of her “fixing” my mind and body over the course of an hour. At every stage I have felt that Ali has understood my needs perfectly and caters for them with great technical skill but also good humour and gentleness. She has created an essential yoga home for me, and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Sarah @ triyoga / private

I started Ali’s post-natal sessions after having my second baby and they were completely transformative. I left feeling taller, stronger and happier (and she really doesn’t flinch when the little ones cry!) I recommend her sessions to every mother/father and parent to be. Since then, I’ve been to Ali’s restorative workshops, her led classes and more recently to her semi-private restorative sessions at home. I’m always astounded at her unique ability to make things completely personal but also universally relevant. If you don’t try her restorative classes then you’re truly missing out. Ali is kind, fun, honest, open and warm. I love yoga with her.

Eleanor @ triyoga / private

I have been attending classes with Alison for the last 2 and a half years. As a fellow yoga teacher I find her classes inspiring and invigorating, taking a break from teaching/city life to completely unwind and enjoy a restorative practice. Alison brings a warm and unique quality to her classes which I love, the room immediately feels at ease and it sets the ideal atmosphere for restorative yoga. The teachings from Alison are always thorough and varied, which is one of the reasons I enjoy being a regular in her classes.

Will @ triyoga

Ali’s classes are a bit of a life saver. She creates a warm inviting space where I can set some time aside from my hectic life and still my thoughts. I really enjoy the deep exploration of the yoga postures and find it such a reflective and relaxing class. As an added bonus I always have such a marvellous nights sleep after one of Ali’s classes too!

Rebecca @ Down to Earth

Ali’s classes are the space; physically, emotionally and mentally, I need in a busy week! Her guidance coaxes you away from the chaos of life, reconnects you with your soul, encourages awareness, energises and restores. Ali’s ease of communication and hands-on approach ensures everyone has a tailored class. She makes adjustments to suit the subtleties of each individuals abilities and needs. Unlike any other yoga class I have taken Ali’s class feels truly holistic in its approach and is definitely the oasis I need in my week.”

Louise @ Down to Earth

Over the past 1.5 years I have been attending restorative yoga with Alison. Including her classes in my weekly routine has made such a difference in my mental as well as physical wellbeing. I have an unquiet mind and find it difficult to tune out all the noise and static that life can create. Alison’s classes provide a safe, inclusive, nurturing environment, that allows me to quiet my mind, decompress and restore. While each class is a little different in terms of the poses, I always leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of living in a busy city.

Nina @ triyoga

I came to a couple of Ali’s classes when I was heavily pregnant and enjoyed the stretches and peace it carved out in my busy life. When it comes to working with pregnant bodies, Ali has a depth and breadth of knowledge that gives you a sense of security in her classes. She knows what’s happening to you before you do and she understands all the various ailments that come with pregnancy. Once my baby was born I went regularly to the Mummy and Me classes she held. These were a lifesaver! It was a small part of my week where I was given permission to focus on myself and to ease the aches and pains post labour and ‘find my body again’ in the early days of having a newborn. When my baby slept I managed to enjoy the class to it’s full and Ali was quick to encourage me into extra postures and to help me unwind as the other mums attended to their offspring. If my baby was upset or fretful Ali often took her for a cuddle so that I could concentrate on getting the most out of a stretch. I loved the music in the class, the sense of community and that came from a group of women encountering motherhood and always, the readings and mantras which focussed on being a woman, a mother, a friend, and a partner. All the different dimensions to our lives.
I also have a long and complicated history with a bad back and ripped disks and Ali was always careful to check on how my back was doing and at what level I was able to work to. Since I’ve gone back to work, life is busier than ever and I try my hardest to get to her restorative workshops. Once I’ve bargained my way to get two hours back for myself, I’m always pleased I have! The workshops are the perfect opportunity to come back into yourself and re-group in a calm and safe space. Ali always make sure that you work hard but manages that gentle balance of a stretch, making space for some peace and relaxation. She also has that rare ability of being able to introduce the spiritual side of yoga and its teachings and practice in an accessible and relevant way to people with a mixed interest. I would add that I am very interested but I understand that not everyone is! Ali is also a lovely person and is attentive to everyone in each class. She remembers you, your story and brings a lot of herself to her teaching.

Daisy @ Down to Earth

I attended Ali’s classes throughout my first pregnancy in 2015. The classes were a cherished memory from my pregnancy as they gave me time each week to ground myself, reflect on the journey so far and prepare for the journey ahead with guidance and support from a teacher who I could trust. What I found so special was the atmosphere Ali created… it was relaxing for the mind yet strengthening for the body and also allowed each person in the class to tune in to their own thoughts and head space whilst feeling we were all travelling week by week together. The class was amazing preparation for birth both through the breathing we did and the poses. Ali was attentive and you felt part of a community. She offered adjustments to poses for anyone who felt their body needed it. The quotes and thoughts each week were grounding, uplifting and empowering. Every class would end with a gorgeous mantra about mother figures which was very special. It wasn’t just a class for me. During that period it felt like part of a journey with someone who wanted to be part of each persons individual experience as they grew both in body and mind. I also think it helped me find the head space to delivery my baby safely in a few hours by focusing on breathing with no need for intervention.

Zoe @ Down to Earth

I’d never tried restorative yoga before but it was a revelation. Alison created a calm, relaxing, intimate space where I could truly relax. After my first restorative yoga workshop my family commented on how calm and chilled I seemed, and my body seemed to be so much more flexible. She takes the time to talk to everyone and make everyone mentally and physically comfortable, it’s very warm and welcoming. I miss our Friday sessions so much, they made me a nicer person for the weekend.

Helen @ Down to Earth

I started Ali’s pre natal yoga classes at the start of my pregnancy and I really believe that these kept me supple and flexible throughout. They also gave me the confidence that I could have a safe and natural birth. Ali is a fun, kind, warm and thoughtful teacher and I found her style both challenging and restorative. I simply couldn’t have got through my pregnancy without these classes. They are a must for any pregnant women! I am now enjoying Ali’s Mummy and Me classes with my 12 week old baby, Minnie.

Michelle @ triyoga

I’m new to restorative yoga, well any yoga for that matter, but Alison came highly recommended and I have been struggling with back issues so was keen to give it a go! So pleased I did. I’ve been to Alison’s restorative yoga sessions as a large group and also much smaller and more intimate sessions both of which I’ve really enjoyed. Alison works really hard in all the sessions to assist individuals and tailor poses to suit individual needs and limitations which has been great for me, both because I have no idea what I’m doing and I need to be careful with my back. I’ve found the sessions great both physically and mentally and really look forward to the opportunity to unwind and forget the day to day stresses. Alison has also provided me great assistance in wider recommendations to assist with my rehabilitation. Couldn’t recommend highly enough and can’t wait for my next session!

Henry @ Down to Earth/ Private

I first met Alison when I was pregnant with my first daughter 6 years ago. Alison was my yoga teacher and from the early sessions I liked her a lot and most importantly she helped me with a lot of standard pregnancy issues such as lower back pain, tightness. After every session I left very relaxed and happy. I reached out to Alison again 6 years later while pregnant with my second daughter and this time we did the usual yoga sessions as well as some massage at the end. Alison has a real gift to teach and to make one feel very good! I then asked Alison if she would be my doula and she accepted. I can’t say enough how helpful she was during my birth. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable, we moved around as much as I could, she massaged my feet and head and was there for me when I needed help the most. I had a complicated birth but because she was around everything felt much easier. Alison supported me after birth too with the easy sessions and helped me to stay calm and relaxed and gave me perspective on things. I do not hesitate to recommend her. She is special! She is great and she helps people!

Umida – Private

I have been taking individual therapeutic yoga lessons with Ali for the past year and have found her to be patient, kind and highly professional. Due to a very difficult time with my health I had become run down and quite stressed because of the situation I found myself in. Ali has worked with me to help me relax via meditation in various poses and neck/shoulder massages where I hold a lot of tension. I have found this very beneficial and have used meditation to aid sleeping problems at night. We have also concentrated on stretching and different poses designed in particular to open up the area between my shoulder blades, which is extremely tight too. I sometimes find these exercises difficult, but Ali is very encouraging, whilst never pushing me too far. I would like to move on to Ali’s group classes at some point when I feel physically fit enough, as she is a good teacher, gives clear instructions and I’m sure would also make it an enjoyable experience for the participants!

Caroline – Private

Ali was my daughter Izzy’s first yoga teacher when she was 7 and five years later she is still a devoted yoga student! Ali makes every class fun and inspiring, the perfect antidote to city life.

Julia @ Down to Earth

I had to drag & cajole a protesting 9 year old through the streets of NW5 to his first yoga class with Ali. I feared it would not go well but desperately hoped it would, knowing all too well the incredible benefits that yoga can have on a child such as Noah. I have no idea what went on in that first class but Ali worked some kind of magic and Noah has been hooked ever since. A wondrous thing for a bright child with difficulties of both a physical & neurological nature… Ali’s classes have such a beautiful effect on him it’s impossible to thank her enough.

Debbie @ Down to Earth

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